Family watching Freesat and Saorview Special Offer Free To Air Saorview and Freesat Tv Special Offer Free To Air Saorview and Freesat Tv Special Offer Free To Air Saorview and Freesat Tv with Smart Stick
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Smart TV Option

Only 99

Convert your HD TV into a Smart TV
The 4IFE Smart Stick will convert any HD TV into a Smart TV.  Simply connect the 4ife Smart Stick to the HDMI port directly or via the included extender cable.

Just like your Smart Phone you can choose which apps you want to download and use. You may like games, social networking or movie apps for example. You can simply access the Google market and download whatever you like.

Use Facebook, Youtube, Netflix, search the Internet. For more Information Click.

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Free Tv Options

From Only 199

Freesat is a free-to-air digital satellite television joint venture between the BBC and ITV.

SAORVIEW is a free digital television service received with an aerial.

If you would like to receive even more TV channels without subscription, you can combine SAORVIEW with Free-to-Air satellite.



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From Only €60

We Currently only Provide Satellite Repairs.

With our low call our charge and first hours labour of just €60, we are significantly cheaper than our competitiors. Call us today to help get you switched back on.





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other great Services

Special Offers

Special Offers
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We are currently running An Android and free to air combo from 299

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European Satellite Tv

European TV
We Install Free to Air Polish, German and Italian Satellite systems. From only €349.

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Sattelite and aerial repairs

Installation only
Did you buy a Kit and are having problems with Installation. Call us for a professional installation costing just €99.

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